Young Parents Group (YPG) is gathering all parents with children and youth (from newborn to Grade 12) nurtured by the Children Ministry. Currently, there are approximately 25 to 30 families from ESC, CSC and MSG.

YPG activities are in the following 2 formats:

  • Bi-monthly Zoom Meeting “Coffee House” focuses on Marriage-related topics, mainly in English with small group sharing in preferred language. Next Meeting is scheduled on November 26 from 8:30pm to 10pm.
  • Every Sunday in-person at Church gatherings from 10am to 11am (before CSC/MSG worship) focuses on Parenting-related topics, mainly in Cantonese.

We are actively planning to have Family Fellowship with children and youth in 2022. Please remember this in your prayer. If you have any inquiry or want to provide any suggestion, please contact Pastor William or Samuel Chung.

年青家長群組 (YPG) 招聚一班有兒童及青少年 (由新生到十二班) 受「兒童事工」造就的家長。現時大約有 25 到 30 個家庭參與,分別來自英文堂、中文堂及國語組的弟兄姊妹。

YPG 的活動主要以兩種形式進行:

  • 每兩月一次 Zoom 視像會議 “Coffee House” 討論有關 “夫婦關係” 的議題,以英語為主,另分享會以中文及英文分組。下一次相聚在十一月二十六日晚上八時半到十時。

  • 每主日早上十時至十一時 (在中文堂及國語組崇拜前) ,以實體形式在教會互勉學習 “教導兒女” 的話題,主要以粵語進行。

現在我們正計劃在 2022 年間開設連同兒童及青少年的家庭團契,請以禱告紀念。如有意查詢本群組或提供建議,請與黃凱昕傳道或 Samuel Chung 弟兄聯絡。