DateSpeakerSermon TitleBible PassageVideo Link
2023-01-01Rev. Jack YuenFully Engaged with ChristColossians 3:23, Joshua 1:8
2023-01-08Rev. Armando Leon Jr.The Habits of a Happy New Year, part 1Psalm 1:1-3, cf. Joshua 1:10-18
2023-01-15Rev. Armando Leon Jr.The Habits of a Happy New Year, part 2Psalm 1:1-3, cf. Joshua 1:10-18
2023-01-22Rev. Armando Leon Jr.Great is Thy Faithfulness, part 1Lamentations 3:22-26, Joshua 1:8
2023-01-29Pastor Nicholas SarloWho is Jesus?Colossians 1: 15-20
2023-02-05Pastor Richard FababeirWork in ExcellenceEphesians 3:20-21
2023-02-12Rev. Barry DuguidPaul's introduction of himself and his call to the gospelRomans 1:1-7
2023-02-19Rev. Armando Leon Jr.Great is Thy Faithfulness, part 2Lamentations 3:22-26, Joshua 1:9
2023-02-26Rev. Tom Haines ( FEB Cenral )“It’s Our Time”Luke 19:11-27
2023-03-05Pastor Sean HuhAs For Me and My House …Joshua 24:14-15 ESV
2023-03-12Rev. Armando Leon Jr.Leaning on the Everlasting Arms of Jesus, part 1Isaiah 40:10-11, Joshua 1:10-4:24 ( Rahab's faith )
2023-03-19Rev. Armando Leon Jr.Leaning on the Everlasting Arms of Jesus, part 2Isaiah 40:10-11, Joshua 1:10-4:24 ( Spies' faith )
2023-03-26Pastor Heusen Lam (Youth Sunday)Transitions Joshua 5
2023-04-02Rev. Armando Leon Jr.The Old Rugged Cross, part 1 ( Communion Sunday )1 Peter 2:21, 24 ( Prayercast- Ramadan )
2023-04-07Rev. Armando Leon Jr.The Old Rugged Cross, part 2 ( Good Friday )1 Peter 2:21, 24, Joshua 5:10-12
2023-04-09Rev. Armando Leon Jr.His Miraculous Resurrection ( Easter Service )John 20:18-20
2023-04-16Pastor Glen ZiedlerBe Strong and Courageous ( Prayercast- )Joshua 1
2023-04-23Pastor Miles ValleyThe Coming of Christ is the Greatest Event in HistoryMatthew 24 and 25
2023-04-30Rev. Armando Leon Jr.Just As I Am, part 1Luke 9:46-49, Joshua 4:19- 5:15 ( Gilgal )
2023-05-07Dr. James HarrichandFollow the Script, Fulfill the Mission Joshua 6:1-27 (NKJV).
2023-05-14Rev. Armando LeonA Mother of Great Faith ( Mother's day )Mark 7:24-30 ( NASB )
2023-05-21Compassion Canada - Bill Coleman#REF!Galatians 2:10, 2 Corinthians 8:1-4, 8:9, 9:7
2023-05-28Pastors - Armando, Frank, JackGospel Attitude Towards Those Living in PovertyPhilippians 2: 1-4
2023-06-04Dr. Randall Mah ( Kairos ) The Motive for MissionsEzekiel 33:1-6
2023-06-11Rev. Armando Leon Jr.What's so Amazing about Grace, part 1Titus 2:11-14, Joshua 5:13-6:27 ( Conquering Jericho)
2023-06-25Rev. Armando Leon Jr.What's so Amazing about Grace, part 2Titus 2:11-14, Joshua 5:13-6:27 ( Conquering Jericho)
2023-07-02Pastor Richard FababeirBack to God's Grea DesignGenesis 1:26-28
2023-07-09Rev. Armando Leon Jr.The Goodness of God for Us AboundsPsalm 23, Joshua 7-8 ( Contamination of SIn )
2023-07-16Pastor Heusen (Intergenerational )The Calming of the StormMark 4
2023-07-23Rev. Ka WongAs the Father has sent me, I am sending youMatthew 9:35-10:8
2023-07-30Sean Huh Guard the Gospel of Jesus Christ!1 Timothy 1:3-7
2023-08-06Rev. Armando Leon Jr.Blessed Assurance ( Communion Sunday ) Psalm 23, Joshua 9-10 ( Making Mistakes )
2023-08-13Pastor Sandra Fung ( Intergenerational ) Jesus Changes Us Luke 19:1-10; Romans 12:1-21; Matthew 5:13-16
2023-08-20Rev. Armando Leon Jr.The Goodness of God for Us Abounds, part 2Psalm 23, Joshua 9-10 ( Making Mistakes )
2023-08-27Rev. Michael LauLife Transformation and Church LifeRomans 12:1-3
2023-09-03Rev. Armando Leon Jr.Revive Us AgainHaggai 1:12-15
2023-09-10Bechara Karkafi (FEB Missionary) The Immigrated Gospel of Jesus ChristJohn 3:16
2023-09-17Rev. Armando Leon Jr.The Goodness of God for Us Abounds, part 3Psalm 23
2023-09-24Brian Crawford (OMF) missionarySeeing Jesus...Our Vision of God Luke 24:36-53
2022-01-02Pastor James HarrichandFully Engaged with ChristColossians 3:23
2022-01-09Pastor James HarrichandJesus Christ the Word of GodJohn 1:1-18
2022-01-16Pastor James HarrichandDevotion to Christ and Christ’s ChurchActs 2:42-47
2022-01-23Pastor William WongExperiencing GodColossians 1 15-23
2022-01-30Rev. Dr. Daniel L. WongLiving Fully Committed to Christ2 Timothy 2:1-7
2022-02-06Pastor Nicholas SarloKing Josiah and the Impact of the Word of God2 Kings 22-23
2022-02-13Pastor Miles ValleyRemembering Eternal TruthJohn 14:1-14
2022-02-20Pastor James HarrichandThe Family of GodGenesis 1:26-28
2022-02-27Pastor Jack YuenPleasing Aroma to the LordJohn 12:1-8
2022-03-06Pastor James HarrichandThe Case for Jesus the Messiah John 1:19-37
2022-03-13Pastor Miles ValleyHoly Spirit Comes to Live in Us and Reign through UsJohn 14:15-31
2022-03-20Pastor James HarrichandCome and See: Bearing Witness to Jesus the Messiah John 1:35-51
2022-03-27Pastor James HarrichandWater into Wine: Jesus' First SignJohn 2:1-11
2022-04-03Rev. Barry DuguidThe Blind TheologiansJohn 9:1-12
2022-04-10Pastor Miles ValleyGOD'S GLORY is HIMSELFExodus 33:12-23
2022-04-17Pastor Heusen LamEaster MessageJohn 21:15-19
2022-04-24Pastor James HarrichandJesus is the Way, and the Truth, and the LifeJohn 14:1-6
2022-05-01Rev. Armando LeonChurch God's Way - Part 1Acts 2:42-47
2022-05-15Pastor Sean HuhPeace! Be Still!Mark 4:35-41 (ESV)
2022-05-22Rev. Armando LeonChurch God's Way - Part 2Acts 2:42-47
2022-05-29Pastor Heusen / Frank / JackFind Us Faithful 願主看見你忠心1 Corinthians 4:1-2
2022-06-05Pastor Heusen LamGod's Objective BeautyJeremiah 2
2022-06-12Pastor Miles ValleyI Am Nothing and Christ is My Everything1 Cor 1:28, 2 Cor 12:11, John 15:5
2022-06-19Pastor Sean HuhCriminal in ParadiseLuke 23:32-33, 39-43 (ESV)
2022-06-26Pastor William WongOvercoming Fear Philippians 4 6-7
2022-07-03Rev. Barry Duguidthe AscensionLuke 24:44-53, Acts 1:1-11
2022-07-10Rev. Armando Leon Jr.A Blessed FamilyJoshua 24:14-15
2022-07-17Rev. Dr. Daniel L. WongSerious DiscipleshipLuke 9:51-62 (NIV)
2022-07-24Rev. Sean HuhLife Can Be SimpleMark 6:30-31 (NIV)
2022-07-31Pastor Armando Leon Jr.Rebuilding Walls of Prayer ( Core value # 4 )Nehemiah 1:1-11
2022-08-07Rev. Dr. Daniel L. WongWe Have a Mission to FulfillLuke 10:1-20
2022-08-14Rev. Armando Leon Jr.Spiritual Awakening ( Revival )2 Chronicles 7:14
2022-08-21Rev. Sean HuhFatherLuke 11:2-4 (ESV)
2022-08-28Rev. Armando Leon Jr.Rebuilding Walls of Faith ( Core value # 2 )Nehemiah 2:1-20
2022-09-04Pastor Samuel HongThe Purpose in the Pain1 Peter 2:11-25
2022-09-11Missionary IsaacSent and Sendingjohn 20:19-22
2022-09-18Rev. Armando Leon Jr. Rebuilding Wall of Accountability, part 1 ( Core Value # 5 )Nehemiah 3-4:6, Matthew 9:36-38
2022-09-25Rev. Armando Leon Jr.Rebuilding Wall of Accountability, part 2 ( Core Value # 5 )Nehemiah 3-4:6, Matthew 9:36-38
2022-10-02Pastors: Heusen, Frank, WilliamWhy We Baptize?Matthew 28:19-20
2022-10-09Rev. Armando Leon Jr.Thanskgiving sermon. 3 Ways to Look at It.Psalm 95:1-11
2022-10-16Pastor Samuel HongGoing the Extra MileMatthew 5:38-48
2022-10-23Rev. Armando Leon Jr.Rebuilding the Walls of Service ( Core value # 5 )Nehemiah 4
2022-10-30Rev. Dr. Daniel L. WongLife's PrioritiesMark 10:17-31
2022-11-06Rev. Armando Leon Jr.Power of the Cross ( Communion Sunday )*Ephesians 2:14-18
2022-11-13Rev. Armando Leon Jr.Power of the Cross, Part 2Ephesians 2:14-16
2022-11-20Rev. Armando Leon Jr.What about Salvation?John 10:27-30
2022-11-27Rev. Sam ChanThe Recognition of A Fruitful Life ( Advent of Peace )John 15:1-12
2022-12-04Rev. Armando Leon Jr.Christ, the Hope of the World. ( Advent of Hope )Luke 2:25-35
2022-12-11Rev. Sean HuhAdvent of Joy
2022-12-18Rev. Armando Leon Jr.The God Who Loves ( Advent of Love )John 3:14-21
2022-12-25Rev. Leon, Pastor Yao, Rev. YuenThe Purpose of Christmas is...( Advent of Christ)Luke 2:8-10; John 3:16; Romans 5:1
2021-01-03Rev. Dr. James HarrichandWorthy of Our CallingEphesians 4:1
2021-01-10Pastor Sandra FungAll for One, and One for AllEphesians 4:2-6
2021-01-17Rev. Dr. James HarrichandA Healthy Church: Diversity, Unity, MaturityEphesians 4:7-16
2021-01-24Brother Heusen LamOld Self, New SelfEphesians 4:17-28
2021-01-31Rev. Miles ValleyUnderstanding Spiritual TruthJohn 6:60-71
2021-02-07Rev. Dr. James HarrichandLiving as the Dearly Loved Children of GodEphesians 4:29-5:2
2021-02-14Pastor Heusen LamWalking wellEphesians 5:1-20*
2021-02-21Rev. Dr. Daniel WongCarrying Out of Current Responsibilities 1 Peter 4:7-11
2021-02-28Pastor Sandra FungThe Lord's Rule and Reign in Our LivesEphesians 5:21-33; 6:1-9
2021-03-07Rev. Dr. James HarrichandPreparing for BattleEphesians 6:10-24*
2021-03-14Rev. Miles ValleyThe Person and Work of ChristJohn 7:26-36
2021-03-21Rev. Dr. James HarrichandWhat Are You Waiting For?Nehemiah 1:1-11
2021-03-28Pastor Heusen LamTrusting with our WorkNehemiah 2:1-9
2021-04-02袁廣明牧師 / Harrichand牧師 / 姚輝傳道The Cross at Calvary 各各他的十字架Luke 路加福音 23:44-47
2021-04-04Pastor Heusen LamEaster Sunday
2021-04-11Rev. Dr. James HarrichandCome, Let Us Rebuild - Part I - InspirationNehemiah 2:10-20
2021-04-18Rev. Barry DuguidA Time to RejoiceNehemiah 1, 12, & 13
2021-04-25Rev. Dr. Michael LauThe Resurrected CommunityRomans 12:1-3
2021-05-02Rev. Dr. James HarrichandCome, Let Us Rebuild - Part II - TeamworkNehemiah 3:1-32
2021-05-09Pastor Sandra FungAll Called to Spiritual Parenting - Part I2 Timothy 1:1-14; 3:10-17
2021-05-16Pastor Heusen LamCollective Teamwork in the Face of Trial Nehemiah 4
2021-05-23Rev. Dr. James HarrichandConflict ResolutionNehemiah 5:1-19
2021-05-30Dr. Dennis NgienA Spiritual Compass: Differences that CountEphesians 3:14-21
2021-06-06Rev. Dr. James HarrichandEnemy Tactics and Biblical Defensive StrategiesNehemiah 6:1-19
2021-06-13Rev. Miles Valley The Healing of the Man Born BlindJohn 9:1-12
2021-06-20Pastor Sandra FungAll Called to Spiritual Parenting - Part IIPsalm 78:1-7
2021-06-27Rev. Jack YuenNehemiah Life-Learning CollegeNehemiah 1:1-11
2021-07-04Rev. Dr. James HarrichandIn or OutNehemiah 7:1-73
2021-07-11Pastor Heusen LamRestitutionNehemiah 8:1-8
2021-07-18Pastor Tony WongCare & Community1 Peter 4:7-11
2021-07-25Rev. Ka WongLet the Wise Christian be GladPsalms 14
2021-08-01Rev. Dr. James HarrichandLiving by the Word of GodNehemiah 7:73 - 8:18
2021-08-08Pastor Heusen LamContinuing the ObedienceNehemiah 9
2021-08-15Rev. Dr. Andrew MaMissions That Impact the World-Strengthen by Grace2 Timothy 2:1-6
2021-08-22Rev. Dr. Andrew MaWe Would Be True - Be God's ServantIsaiah 49:1-6
2021-08-29Rev. Miles ValleyGod Has Spoken To Us Plainly About His SonJohn 10:22-42
2021-09-05Rev. Dr. James HarrichandWe Will Not Neglect the House of Our GodNehemiah 9:38 - 10:39
2021-09-12Pastor William WongWhat do I still lack?!Matthew 19:16-23
2021-09-19Pastor Sandra FungThe Gospel Embodied Romans 12:1
2021-09-26Pastor Heusen LamObedienceMalachi
2021-10-03Rev. Dr. James HarrichandBlessings for Willingly Living in Jerusalem, the Holy City of GodNehemiah 11:1-2
2021-10-10Pastor Sandra FungInward RenewalRomans 12:2
2021-10-17Dr. Rebecca IdestromI have set the Lord always before mePsalm 16
2021-10-24Pastor Heusen LamFaith despite all odds 2 Kings 19
2021-10-31Rev. Dr. James HarrichandThanksgiving CelebrationNehemiah 12:27-43
2021-11-07Rev. Dr. James HarrichandReformationNehemiah 13
2021-11-14Pastor Heusen LamAlignment 2 Kings 21
2021-11-21Pastor William WongGrowing Pain Exodus 3:11-4:17
2021-11-28Pastor Sandra FungAdvent Theme 1: Hope - Christ the Hope that ThrillsLuke 1:26-56
2021-12-05Rev. Dr. James HarrichandAdvent Theme 2: Peace - Jesus Christ is our Prince of PeaceIsaiah 9:1-7
2021-12-12Pastor Heusen LamAdvent Theme 3: JoyMark 4
2021-12-19Rev. James Harrichand / Pastor Frank Yao / Rev. Jack Yuen The Measure of God's Love1 John 4:9-11
2021-12-26Pastor Sandra FungA Resolution to Trust Proverbs 3:5-6