1. Will I get a refund if the church does not run the in-person camp for whatever reason?
    Yes, we will fully refund you within a month.

  2. Do you accept credit card/cheque/cash?
    We accept cash and cheque, but you need to pay in-person during office hours; pre-arrangement is required. Sorry, we do not accept credit card.

  3. When will I get the receipt?
    It will be given out during the camp.

  4. Can my child join if we are not Christians?
    Yes, we welcome non-believers.

  5. What is the sign-in and sign-out procedure?
    Parents/guardians need to sign the attendance form when they drop off and pick up kids. We do not require a list of authorized pick-up persons.

  6. How are children grouped?
    Children are grouped by age/grade. They will be floating to different floors/locations depending on the activities. Siblings/friends will be seeing each other during the day.

  7. Can I drop off lunch? When is lunch time? Any snack times? Will you provide snacks?
    Yes, but we do not encourage it. Lunch time is at around 12. There are two snack breaks, one in the morning, one in the afternoon. No, we will not provide snacks.

  8. Are there any field trips? Do we need to buy any camp t-shirts?
    We do not have field trips. You do not need to buy camp t-shirts.

  9. What activities/programs do you have at the camp?
    Bible lessons, craft, science, gym time, music/singing, story time, mini-chef.

  10. Any special programs?
    • In Session One, we will have a staff from Reptilia come give us live interactive reptile show that will astound audiences of all ages!
    • In Session Two, we will run a Carnival where campers can enjoy lots of carnival games in our big gym.
    • If weather permits, there will be a Water Fun day in each session.