Help wanted for a paid project – RHCBC website rewrite.

We are looking to hire a developer to rewrite our Church’s public facing website in Q4 of 2021. Workload expectations are 25 development hours per week for 12 consecutive weeks starting mid-October 2021. Work involves collecting user requirements, coding/prototyping/iterations, testing and system implementation/documentation.
If interested, please contact Rebecca K C Lai via or Eric Ng via by this Friday, October 1.


教會將於2021年第四季聘請一名網頁開發人員,工作範圍涉及收集用戶需求、編碼/原型設計/反測試、改良和系統實施及保留相關文檔記錄等。教會期盼此工程能為教會專屬網頁作全面更新,讓公眾及教會內弟兄姊妹能以更直接的方式得知教會最新動向。此招聘以短期項目形式,工作時段是從 202110月中旬開始,連續12週,每週工作25小時。
查詢及申請,請於101日或以前黎金枝值理rebeccalai@rogers.com或吳偉基弟兄 聯絡