Notice on Church Reopening
  • Church has reopened on March 6 for in-person and live-streaming Sunday Worship for ESC and CSC
  • Worship time:-
    • ESC 9:30 am
    • CSC and MSG 11:15 am (MSG service will also be recorded)
    • Children and Youth 9:30 am in-person meetings
  • Proof of vaccination and online registration are no longer required
  • Masks, social distancing, attendance recording at check-in are still required
  • If you are sick or have any signs of COVID symptoms, please join us when you are fully recovered
  • If you need to come to church for ministry-related work, please notify the church office in advance and follow our COVID protocol
  • If you are tested COVID positive and have attended church in that time period, please advise the church office immediately
  • 教會已於 3 月 6 日重新開放,英文堂和中文堂主日崇拜以實體和直播形式,國語組則以實體和錄影
  • 崇拜時間如下
    • 英文堂,上午 9:30
    • 中文堂和國語組,上午 11:15
    • 兒童和青少年實體聚會,上午 9:30
  • 教會不再需要檢查疫苗接種證明和取消出席主日崇拜的網上登記
  • 在教會內,必須戴上口罩、保持社交距離、並登記出席表
  • 如果你生病或有任何 COVID -19 的症狀,請在完全康復後才參加主日崇拜
  • 如果你需要來教會從事與事工相關的工作,請提前通知教會辦公室並遵守我們的 COVID-19 有關事宜
  • 若你被確診染上新冠病毒並期間曾到訪教會,請在確診後即時與教會辨事處聯絡

Community Service
[ 社區服務 ]


All Events use Zoom meeting as a platform. There is no fee. Registration is required.
Language: Cantonese.

Please contact or
Telephone: 905-508-0901 x211

活動會以 Zoom 為媒體。費用全免。必須報名。

報名: 請聯絡 或電 905-508-0901 x211

Events Schedule
[ 活動日程表 ]


Our Church
[ 我們的教會 ]

Prayer Meeting [ 祈禱會 ]

English Congregation Prayer Meeting
Every Sunday 11:00am

每個星期三 8:00pm

Worship [ 崇拜 ]

Sunday Worship

English [ 英文 ] 9:30am
Cantonese [ 廣東話 ] 11:15am
Mandarin [ 普通話 ] 11:15am

Caring [ 關顧 ]

約書亞 (長者)
錫安 (成人)
基諾 (成人)
以斯帖 (婦女查經)
迦南團契 (大專/青年就業)


English Fellowship

Christian Education [ 基教 ]

Outreach [ 外展 ]

Email us 發電郵給我們