All age groups are intentionally joined together to worship and mutually participate in the life of the church. All generations are viewed and exhorted to be the church of the now. CrossGen is part of RHCBC’s churchwide vision.

One of the main ways the church will move forward with this vision is by inviting kids and youth to participate and remain for the entire ESC Sunday service starting at the end of May 2024. Additionally, ESC will intentionally foster relationships across the generations through community celebrations at the end of each month.
In the past, we have used the term intergenerational worship/discipleship to describe CrossGen. Both terms mean the same thing. However, leadership chose the term CrossGen because we love the image of the Cross of Christ being at the center of this aim. It is precisely because of and only through Christ that generational barriers can be demolished and we can learn to love one another as Christ loves us (Eph 2:14-18; John 13:34-35).
ESC will continue to practice many of the same Sunday morning rhythms of worship. However, we will intentionally strive to make those rhythms more participatory and engaging for all generations. For example, we plan to invite individuals from all age groups to participate in welcoming congregants, in musical worship, Scripture reading, special performances, AV, and more.
To cultivate unity and a sense of belonging, we aim to create opportunities for all ages to mutually participate in ESC’s Sunday morning worship. Roman 12:5 says, "So in Christ we, though many, form one body, and each member belongs to all the others." CrossGen fosters community and shared experiences. Building relationships across the generations provides space for learning and living out what it means to be disciples of Jesus. Psalm 145:4 says, “Generation after generation stands in awe of your work; each one tells stories of your mighty acts.” Scripture reveals God’s desire that each generation tell the next generations of His goodness and that all ages unite to share the Good News of Jesus Christ.
This is highly likely as many adults also get bored during the service. However, boredom is essential for healthy development in children. Many people dislike exercising because it feels uncomfortable, but that doesn't mean it's unnecessary.

Our job as parents, leaders, and community members is to engage and help kids/youth learn how to embrace boredom and use it as an opportunity to notice and love those around them as well as listen and commune with God.
This may occur. However, the Christian faith is far more than merely gaining knowledge (1 Cor 8:1b). Biblical teaching is extremely important, but the sermon is not the only way the Bible is preached on Sunday mornings. The rhythms like praise time, practicing the ordinances, prayer, showing hospitality to newcomers, and caring for our brothers and sisters are all ways in which the truth of God’s Word is to be proclaimed on Sunday mornings. That being said, the ESC pastors and invited speakers are committed to learning how to best engage with all ages with the Holy Spirit. We are committed to preparing our sermons and worship songs in advance to embrace and reach all generations.

We are taking a step of faith in adjusting our services to welcome kids and youth. However, we believe that this adjustment will help us grow as a community in becoming more aware of and loving the “least of these” in our midst. Some of these individuals may include children and youth as well as those whose heart language is not English, who have a disability, or who are still young in the faith. As we embark on this journey, please pray that our pastors and leaders will have creativity and wisdom and that our ESC community will have soft hearts to embrace everyone the Lord brings to us.
We understand that it is a challenge for little ones to remain seated and focused for extended periods. For this reason, we will provide a Viewing Room in 101-102. The purpose of this room is provide a space where kids or anyone who needs to move or make a little noise can do so while still watching and participating in the service.
If CSC and MM parents do not want to attend ESC with their children/youth, we will have a designated children’s ministry leader and a reserved spot for their kids to sit during the ESC service. The leader will then escort their kid downstairs for kids’ snacks and small group time (10:30am-12:45pm).
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