Welcome to the Richmond Hill Chinese Baptist Church Media section. We have made available bible study material, registration forms, and other documents available for download. Please check regularly for updates.

Community Services: Activity Schedule and Registration Form Downloads
Facility Forms and Documents
⦿ RHCBC Space Setup Request Form
⦿ Users Responsibilities: Operation Procedures
Ministry Information Documents
Mission Ministry Documents and Forms
⦿ RHCBC Missions Ministry (revised: October, 2008)
⦿ RHCBC Career Missionary Application Form
⦿ RHCBC Mid-Term Missionary Application Form
⦿ RHCBC Short-Term Missionary Application Form
⦿ RHCBC Full Time Missions Support COLA Application Form
⦿ RHCBC Theological Education Fund Application Form
Annual Reports
⦿ 2016 RHCBC Annual Report
⦿ 2015 RHCBC Annual Report