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90 day New Testament personal Bible reading plan campaign

This three-month reading plan cover the entire New Testament in three chapters (or less) each day. It’s a simple and meaningful way to study the life of Christ and the early church in smaller daily sections.
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保羅書信 - 讀經計劃

鼓勵用一年時間,細心研讀神的話語 (Scripture Reading),認真學習、默想、操練讀經和靈修生活。信徒要恆心學習,將經文信息實踐在生活中,讓上主的話語,改變、深化生命,使我們做個行道的基督徒,在基督裡成長,活出美好的見證。

ESC Online Bible Study

Alternate Wednesday @ 8pm
  • Open to all RHCBC Congregation
  • 16 Zoom sessions
  • certification will be provided at the end
  • Free of charge
Online Registration

Children Ministry 兒童部

Pastor Sandra is on Maternity Leave

If you have any questions about our Children's Ministry programs, please contact Cathy Law at cathywlaw@yahoo.com or Ashley Lu at alu@rhcbc.org


Update on Church Re-opening November 2022
  • As church has re-opened for in-person worship for all services, brothers and sisters are encouraged to come and join our worship services in person.
  • For those who are not able to join in person, live streaming is available for the English speaking service (9:30 a.m.) and the Cantonese speaking service (11:15 a.m.) The Mandarin speaking service will be recorded and available for viewing on church website on Tuesday. Children and youth programs start 9:30 a.m. in person.
  • Online registration and check-in procedures are no longer required for Sunday worship.
  • However, face mask is still required inside church building (with exception during eating or drinking).
  • If you are sick or have any signs of COVID symptoms, please stay home and join us online until you are fully recovered.
  • Please continue good hygiene practices and reasonable social distancing.
2022 年 11 月教會重開的資訊更新
  • 由於教會已進行全面實體敬拜,鼓勵兄弟姐妹、朋友親臨教會參加主日祟拜聚會。
  • 無法參與實體崇拜的會眾可參加網上英語祟拜直播(上午9時30分),粵語祟拜直播(上午11時15分)。國語祟拜錄影可於星期二在教會網站觀看。兒童和青少年活動於主日上午 9:30 在教會實體舉行。
  • 主日崇拜不再需要網上登記和簽到手續。
  • 但是,教堂內仍然需要佩戴口罩(飲食時除外)。
  • 如您生病或有任何新冠病毒有關症狀,請留在家裡參加網上聚會,直至完全康復。
  • 請會眾繼續保持良好的衛生習慣和合理的社交距離。

Our Church
[ 我們的教會 ]

Prayer Meeting [ 祈禱會 ]

English Congregation Prayer Meeting
Every Sunday 11:00am

每個星期三 8:00pm

Worship [ 崇拜 ]

Sunday Worship

English [ 英文 ] 9:30am
Cantonese [ 廣東話 ] 11:15am
Mandarin [ 普通話 ] 11:15am

Caring [ 關顧 ]

約書亞 (長者)
錫安 (成人)
基諾 (成人)
以斯帖 (婦女查經)
迦南團契 (大專/青年就業)


English Fellowship

Christian Education [ 基教 ]

Outreach [ 外展 ]

Email us 發電郵給我們